The Pull List #125

batminaldiA weekly column (this is the last one <tear> ) in which Jake gives short blurbs about the comics he’s picked up that week. Reviewed in the order read, which varies but generally by increasing anticipation.   Disclaimer: he knows very little about art, at least not enough to considerably honor such tremendous undertakings, so…yeh, there’s that. 


Iron Fist #73



Writer: Ed Brisson/Artist: Mike Perkins

Color Artist: Andy Troy/Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham/Marvel

Iron Fist vs. Sabretooth is one of those match-ups that has held a special place in my mind, thanks mostly to the contrasts of the two combatants and their backgrounds.  So when letterer-turned-writer Ed Brisson (not recently, mind you) decided to bring the two the character together again during his Iron Fist run, I was intrigued, mostly because of the place the now-good (thanks AXIS) Sabretooth was in.  While the opening script feels a bit like your boilerplate team-up, the impetus for their teaming and the question of how “good” this new Sabretooth is enough to add a bit more spice to the story.  Though perhaps the impetus doesn’t quite work if you’re wholly new to anything Wolverine-related, but if you aren’t it does wonders.  Perkins and Troy amp up the noir effects of the tale, which works more for some scenes than it does others.  Still, Danny and Victor meeting up again should be enough to satiate any long-time reader and intrigue a few new ones.

Hawkeye #11




Writer: Kelly Thompson/Artist: Leonardo Romero

Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire/Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino/Marvel

Kate finally confronts clone-Kate aka Madame Masque.  Admittedly, the dialogue of the fight is a bit on the nose, but, in its defense, this is Kate Bishop’s book.  More importantly, its cathartic as hell and emotionally satisfying.  Romero and Bellaire again steal the show through choreography, pacing and timing.  Hawkeye is great, as it always is.

So what did you pick up this week? Agree or disagree with anything said here? Let us know in the comments.

Also, this is the last issue of the PL (see what I did there?).  Thanks for the time.  It’s been one.  See you in the back-issue bin.


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