The Pull List #122 & #123 – September 14 2017

batminaldiA weekly column in which Jake gives short blurbs about the comics he’s picked up that week. Reviewed in the order read, which varies but generally by increasing anticipation.   Disclaimer: he knows very little about art, at least not enough to considerably honor such tremendous undertakings, so…yeh, there’s that. 



Hawkeye #10



Writer: Kelly Thompson/Artist: Leonardo Romero
Color Artist: Jesus Jordie Bellaire/Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino/Marvel

Kate Bishop is acting weird.  And not snarky, motormouth weird.  Like, sociopath weird.  Maybe it has something do with Madame Masque and that clone stuff she’s been into.  Idk, what do I know?  Anyway, aside from the general plot and some nice character interactions, Thompson mostly takes a backseat owing to an incredible club scene/fight scene depicted by Romero and Bellaire.  There’s real magic going on in these pages as the shades of yellow and pink flood outward and the choreography and body language of the characters exude in a similar fashion.  While Hawkeye vs. Madam Masque might be treading familiar ground, when it looks this good and feels this right it’s impossible to complain

The Wicked + The Divine #31



Writer: Kieron Gillen/Artist: Jamie McKelvie
Colorist: Matthew Wilson/Letterer: Clayton Cowles/Image

Another shoe drops.  Yes, you read that right: another.  Turns out this book’s a damn millipede auditioning for the all-insect performance of Stomp!  And, look, now this analogy is overwrought, much like my emotions as well as the commas in this, here sentence.

The Woods #35 BOOK OF THE WEEK (1)




Creators: James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas

Letters: Ed Dukeshire/Boom! Studios

And the hits keep on coming.  Penultimate issue.  Tragedy and woe.  Damn good.

Detective Comics #964



Story: James Tynion IV & Christopher Sebela/Script: Christopher Sebela
Art: Carmen Carnero/Colors: Ulises Arreola/
Letters: Sal Cipriano/DC Comics

Clayface tries to go on his longest streak without being human, and Spoiler is lead to Anarky’s underground lair city.  Sadly, it’s a bit of busy issue, and the great emotional moments don’t exactly get the space they need to breathe.  The art similarly suffers in pacing, though through no fault of its own.  What is there, however, is excellent.  On a similar note, this Clayface heavy issue is a great opportunity to acknowledge the stellar work Sal Cipriano as been doing on this title, most apparent in the shifts in font between Clayface and Basil Karlo.  Despite something of a weak issue, there’s enough build and quality to more than warrant coming back next month.

Mister Miracle #2 BOOK OF THE WEEK (2)



Writer: Tom King/Art: Mitch Gerads
Letterer: Clayton Cowles/DC Comics

The War on Apokolips has commenced.  Scott Free and Big Barda, under the direction of Highfather Orion (yep), are in the thick of it.  But just how deep in it are they?  Expect this to be Book of the Week every time it comes out, which, considering that it drops at the same time as Detective Comics, is saying something.

So what did you pick up this week? Agree or disagree with anything said here? Let us know in the comments.


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