Loot Crate Overview: August 2017 Kingdom

Jamie_finalThis month’s Loot Crate appeals to the adventurer in all of us… and every good adventure needs a KINGDOM to take place in.



By Jamie Scholfield



The Lord of the Rings Colour Changing Glass

The only thing better than a Lord of the Rings themed glass, is a colour changing Lord of the Rings themed glass. It adds a bit of magic to a refreshing drink.



Adventure Time  Nice King and Gunter Figure

Now, I don’t know much about Adventure Time, but I’ll always appreciate a good figure. Plus you can never go wrong with Penguins.



The Lord of the Rings Art Pint

Our second Lord of the Rings item this month is a really nice looking art print from The Two Towers, featuring Merry and Pippin atop the friendly Treebeard.



The Legend of Zelda Link 8-Bit Map Tee

Another month, another awesome T-Shirt. This month features the defender of the Kingdom of Hyrule, made out of elements from the original game.

And just like that, our exploration of these different kingdoms is over! Until next time, folks!


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