Loot Crate Overview: July 2017 Animation

Jamie_finalBright colours, clever writing and endless possibilities: that, my friends, is the world of Animation! This months Loot Crate highlights the world of Animation better than anything, featuring items from, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, Rick & Morty and TMNT.




By Jamie Scholfield




Bob’s Burgers Recipe Cards in Box

Ever notice that burgers always look better in the cartoon world? Take Bob’s Burgers for example: I’ve never seen better burgers than the ones in the show, so Loot Crate has gifted us with 25 recipe cards to recreate some of the iconic burgers from Bob’s Burgers.




Rick and Morty Rick “Peace Among Worlds” Figure

Nobody knows how to make a greeting quite like Rick Sanchez! This particular item has the distinction of being the first figure to be exclusively made by Loot Crate for Loot Crate, and the details are perfect.  




Futurama Slurm Koozies 2-Pack

After you’re done admiring your figure and eating your Bob’s Burger, then why not quench you first with a can of any particular beverage you please? Why not take it a step further and protect your can with these Slurm Koozies and pretend you’re drinking a green liquid that comes from a worm’s behind?




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Van T-Shirt

This months T-Shirt feature the most famous animated turtles of all! This green T-Shirt features a turtle pattern and everyone’s favourite Heroes in a Half Shell rolling out in the turtle van to save the day!…or get pizza.

And with that, another Crate is done, and another month’s wait begins! Until next time!


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