Loot Crate Overview: June 2017 Alter Ego

It’s a hero’s duty to balance their personal and super lives. To do so, these heroes utilize their Alter Egos, so this month’s Crate celebrates that!


By Jamie Scholfield


Hulk Bowl


What does the Incredible Hulk have for breakfast? Whatever he wants!

But I’m sure whatever he’ll have, he’ll use a bowl quite like the one I now have!




DC Comics Mini-Poster Book



 What’s better than one poster? A book of posters! And what’s the best kind of poster? Comic Book posters! Put them together and you get this awesome Book!







Spider-Man Web-slinger Q-Fig Variant



I’ll never get tired of these Q-Figs, but this one of the Web Slinger doing what he does best might be my favourite one yet!







Transformers G1 Optimus Prime T-Shirt



The Autobots are rolling out! More specifically, Optimus Prime is! He’s ready to fight those Deceptions and look stylish at the same time!






This months Crate might be one of my top favourites Loot Crates of all time. Alter Ego was a great idea of a theme, and executed perfectly!


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