Loot Crate Overview: May 2017 Guardians

Jamie_finalIt’s that time of the month again: it’s Loot Crate time! This month’s themes is Guardians, and features items from, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star wars and the Goonies.



By Jamie Scholfield



Star Wars Adult Colouring Book and Coloured Pencils

Star wars recently celebrated it’s 40th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate then with some nice colouring materials from a galaxy far, far away? As a bonus, pencils are included! 







Destiny Patches

Be you a Hunter, Warlock or Titan? With Destiny 2 coming very soon, this is an important decision! Wear your class with pride, Guardians.



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rocket & Groot Q-Fig


Rocket and Baby Groot: the Smallest and Deadliest Guardians in the whole freaking galaxy… Only I didn’t say freaking.






The Goonies T-Shirt



This Shirt, and the motto written on it, is the inspiration that any young guardian will need to give them that push to go find all the Rich Guy Stuff.






So this was May’s Crate! It had some great Loot that worked with the theme perfectly! Another great month of Loot!



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