Loot Crate Overview: April 2017 Investigate

Jamie_finalIt’s time to get your flashlight out and have your camera at the ready, cause its time to INVESTIGATE……

The stuff in this months Loot Crate!


By Jamie Scholfield



The X-Files Pencils

The perfect starting point for any up and coming detective, this four pack of classic yellow coloured pencils each have an iconic quote from the X-Files. It comes with a sharpener too!





Batman Colour-Changing Mug

When crime in Gotham city starts to heat up, and by crime I mean water, this once black and white cup will light up with the shining symbol that only the Caped Crusader can answer!







Marvel’s Jessica Jones Q-Fig


Jessica Jones is everything you could want in a Private Detective: she’s smart, she’s got superpowers, and she’s got a drinking problem…. well maybe not the last one, but the superpowers are pretty awesome! No brick is a match for her!





Stranger Things T-Shirt


This month’s t-shirt features the cast of the Netflix original series Stranger Things in poses inspired by the cover of X-Men #134! It’s an awesome design with some really great detail and colour.




What a great month’s worth of Loot! I’m always glad when I don’t read up about the theme ahead of time, letting me be surprised by the theme and impressed by the Loot. Here’s to next month!


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