Loot Crate Overview February: Build

By Jamie Scholfield
“Build em up, break em down!” said the Dwarf, whose name I dare not try to spell. But that brings us to this month’s Loot Crate theme: Build, featuring Lego, Tetris, Power Rangers and Batman loot.

Name: Batman Food Container
Keep your food away from the villains of Gotham with the help of the caped crusader himself.
Name: Tetris Magnets 
Ever been standing at the fridge, thinking,
“I wish I could stack some colourful blocks right now..”
You have? Good, cause now you’re in luck!
Name: Lego Dimensions Fun Pack
I’ve never been more inclined to check out Lego Dimensions than I am now
that I have a little Lego Cyborg.
Some folks might have gotten Wonder Woman,
Unikitty, Benny or Bad Cop in their crates.
Name: Power Rangers Megazord T-Shirt
This month’s T-Shirt features the  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
which y’all can wear to go watch the new movie this month.
Or not.. I mean, this isn’t an ad or anything.
With the Lego Batman Movie out now, and Power Rangers coming soon, 
this is very much the month for Building. I wonder if next month’s Loot Crate 
might also coincide with upcoming cinematic releases. 
I guess only time will tell… like a month’s time… cause it’s monthly…

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