The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #181 [DBAH Goes VR]

On this week’s podcast Craig, Randall, Heather, Jamie and James come together to say goodbye to Bill Paxton. We’ll miss you Hudson. James is lost in a pile of Destiny Megablocks pieces while trying to make a Destiny Fallen Walker. EA is headed for some changes as the CEO leaves video games for soccer. We ponder if Dragons ever existed. Jamie’s Switch is on the way! Hopefully it will make it cross The Pond. Lego Batman is a DBAH favorite. Will Smith is headed to Netflix with Max Landis writing in Bright, what was Will’s last good movie? Heather is into making Overwatch things in
Minecraft while watching Powerless. New game releases abound with Master Blaster and MLB 17 but we long for older things like Mutant League Football and Bases Loaded. Do people in England drink iced tea? Jamie has had so much tea he actually went into his own VR game of England. Someone lost 50lbs while playing Soundboxing! Will James’ anger for the Iron Banner Supremacy ever subside? There’s another Lord of the Rings game coming out! Looks like we’re headed back to Mordor! Looks like the Xbox Game Pass might be worth checking out. All this and so much more on the the Official Team DBAH Podcast #181! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You?

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