The Pull List #81 – November 16, 2016

A weekly column in which Jake gives short blurbs about the comics he’s picked up that week. Reviewed in the order read, which varies but generally by increasing anticipation.   Disclaimer: he knows very little about art, at least not enough to considerably honor such tremendous undertakings, so…yeh, there’s that.

Ether #1

Script: Matt Kindt
Art & Lettering: David Rubin
Dark Horse

This book is essentially Sherlock meets Adventure Time and it’s pretty great.  Boone Dias is a scientist who attempts to catalogue and analyze the magical aspects of the realm of Ether.  Because of this, he’s called in to solve an unexplainable murder.  Kindt’s voice is fantastic throughout but really shines when the shoe drops at the end of the issue.  Rubin’s artwork is expressive and detailed, cartoony but not exaggerated.  The land of Ether comes alive because of his effort and the switch in tone and scenery when Boone goes back to Earth is great.  A small quibble is that the lettering was a bit hard to follow as the flow would sometimes be disrupted.  Other than that, Ether is a really great book for readers looking for something a bit different.   
Silk #14

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Irene Strychalski
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

Hey look, another crossover event I stubbornly don’t care about.  What’s its deal? Idk, clones and shit.  Anyway, things are going great for Cindy Moon.  Her family is finally reunited after years of separation and an issue of anticlimax. She’s reconnected with her former boyfriend who’s sorta half dead but is still cute (her words, but also yes).  So why is she so anxious?  That’s the question that runs through the issue, and though Thompson may overplay it a bit in some places, its a good hook and one that takes this book back to better quality.  Also, Silk and Spectro’s interactions are fantastic.  More of that please.  Strychalski’s art is serviceable, if a little stilted at times.  Maybe this tie-in thing will work out for Silk?
Batman #11

Writer: Tom King
Pencils: Mikel Janin
Inks: Mikel Janin & Hugo Petrus
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Batman’s plan to infiltrate Bane’s fortress has gone off without a hitch and now he’s ready for the final pieces to fall into place.  Problem is there’s a traitor in his midst.  King does a wonderful job of showing us Batman’s plan without telling us anything expository.  His dialogue, particularly that between Catwoman and Batman is rather incredible, clever with just the right amount of tense emotion.  Janin’s work this issue is nothing short of phenomenal, ably moving from the grandiose and intricate to the simple in delicate without any hiccups.  Unlike Batman’s plan, this book has taken a turn for the better.  
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14

Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Erica Henderson
Color Art: Rico Renzi
Lettering: VC’s Travis Lanham w/ VC’s Clayton Cowles

USG is just the best, guys. I don’t know what else to say.  Every week it comes out, I think, “Yeh there’s no way it’ll keep this up.”  And they almost always do, guys.  This issue is no exception.

But wait, there’s more!

CharlieDanger82 is helping out this week to cover some the new titles for DC Rebirth. Think of it like a backup story in your favorite book, just with less talented writing.

Green Arrow #11

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Colors: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT
DC Comics

Framed, fighting for their lives and heading to Seattle at an incredible speed, this might be the final stop for Ollie, Dinah & Diggle! More non-stop action, dazzling heroics and one-liners than you cna shake a stick at in another issue of one of the finest books in the DC Rebirth line. 
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Art: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, Mark Morales, Christian Alamy
Colors: John Kalisz
Letterer: Rob Leigh
DC Comics

I need this book to be part of your lives so you can experience as much joy from it as I do. It’s a masterpiece.
Writer: Rob David, Lloyd Goldfine
Art: Freddie E. Williams II
Colors: Jeremy Colwell
Letterer: Derron Bennett
DC Comics

The “crossover 30 years in the making” continues and man alive does it give the people what they want! More surprise narration, more shocking developments, more crazy violence and more awesome entrances….. despite of one of the sound effects when something is impaled being the actual word “impale.” It’s what every nerd could ever want in a crossover of these 2 universes.

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Marcio Takara
Colors: Marcello Maiolo
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
DC Comics

Despite last issue’s truly standout storytelling from Seeley, I was really looking forward to dropping this book. Better than Batman was good, but an issue or two too long, I had no interest in the Monster Men crossover and the final battle with the Raptor seemed like a good place to stop. But with my newfound fondness for Superman and Dr. Destiny as the villain, I had to check it out. What I got was a touching if not a little corny reunion between a Superman who counted Nightwing as one of his best friends and a Nightwing who felt very much the same about another Superman. It’s Nightwing’s turn to be skeptical and although there is a cameo from the Trinity version of Batman (angry teenager) there wasn’t a low point to the issue. It’s a hopeful story about loss and remembrance and it’s a great story. As far as dropping the series… Dick’s returning to Bludhaven next issue… looks like I’m sticking around for a bit.

So what did you pick up this week?
Agree or disagree with anything said here?
Let us know in the comments.


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