Loot Crate Overview September: Speed

By Jamie Scholfield

This month’s Crate Overview will have to be a quick one! If this review goes under 50mph, Dave will Explode!!… Don’t question it. This month’s theme is speed!

Name: Gone in 60 Seconds “Eleanor” Die-Cast Car
The hood opens up! That blew my mind! It’s an incredibly well detailed little car.

Name: Battlestar Galactica “Scar” Vinyl Replica
I heard that this is the fastest of the Raiders, but mine must be defective.
All it does it sit there and look awesome…

Name: The Flash Hood  Ornament-Style Figure
The fastest man alive is taking a break from timeline destroying to smarten up your car. Some Looters may have received an Arrow Hood Ornament-Style Figure instead.
Name: Batwing Keychain
It’s always faster by sky, especially when Gotham city is as big as it is. And when Doomsday is wrecking stuff all over the place? “To the Batwing!”
Name: Stark Industries Racing Tee
Remember when Tony Stark was dying so he decided to give racing a try? Then he got attacked by a Supervillain with a thing for whips? No? Well if you wear this T-Shirt, you’ll never forget it again.

Well this Month’s Crate sure was a great one! 
Let’s just hope this review went fast enough that Dave is okay. 
Of course, there’s only one way to find out: 
Read next Month’s LootCrate Overview!

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