The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #153 [Rise of Iron Tacos in No Man’s Sky]

This week, Craig, Jorge, Charlie & occasionally Randall talk about the accuracy about the Suicide Squad movie reviews, the future of the Ghostbusters, the extreme accuracy of Batman v. Superman reviews, Dirk Gently coming soon to investigate your televisions, the horrors of calculus, early impressions of
 No Man’s Sky, meeting up in Overwatch, getting the Moments of Triumph taken care of in Destiny, trying to get excited about Call of Duty, the strange state of the WWE, the “unique” endings of Fallout 4, happy to play Bioshock again, the villain for the Aquaman movie is the only villain they can have for the Aquaman movie, getting jazzed for Far Cry: Blood Dragon on the Xbox One and a gender bent Splash is on its way. It’s a fun filled frollick through mischief and mayhem on this week’s Official Team DBAH Podcast #153! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You? Thanks to No Scope Glasses!

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