Loot Crate Overview April: Quest

By Jamie Scholfield

Adventure awaits those who received this month’s Quest themed Loot Crate, featuring items from Harry Potter, Vikings and Labyrinth.

Roll to initiate freezing temperature, with this rather unique themed ice mold, rather a cool item, wouldn’t you say?

Name: D20 Ice Mold
This exclusive poster featuring everyone’s favorite male Tomb Raider, is the perfect thing to brighten up anyones wall.

Name: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Poster
How did Harry know what items he had to destroy to weaken Voldemort?
His socks of course, and know he’s shared them with you, so be free you little house elfs!

Name: Harry Potter Socks
Perfect for your celebratory drink of wine, water or blood….. Just like any good Viking.

Name: Vikings Drinking Horn With Strap
This month’s T-Shirt features the one true Goblin King, and fits into the theme, while also being a nice memory of the late David Bowie.

Name: Labyrinth T-Shirt
Another month with all the items fitting the Crates theme perfectly, 
I can now have some ice cold drinks, in a brand new T-Shirt and Socks, 
now to look forward to May’s Loot Crate!


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