Loot Crate Overview March: Versus

By Jamie Scholfield
March is the month for people throwing down for a variety of different reasons, this month’s crate includes Daredevil V Punisher, Batman V Superman and Alien V Predator


Name: Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Mighty Wallet

When making the trip to watch the cinematic throwdown between the DC legends, this is the wallet to use.
Name: Alien Vs. Predator 4.5 Inch Vinyl Figures

Legend says whichever one you receive
inside your crate will be your spiritual
protector, that or it’s just a 50/50 on
which one you’ll get.
Name: Harley Quinn Comic Book

You might be asking yourself, “who’s Harley Quinn going up against?” When to quote Suicide Squad “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do”

Name: Daredevil/Punisher Reversible Beanie

“You’re just one bad do from being me” or rather “One flip of a comfy beanie”

Name: Mirror, Mirror T-Shirt

Obviously the T-Shirt of the month is in honor of a face off between doppelgangers with only a powerful bit a facial hair to stand them apart.

This month’s Crate really delivered on the Versus theme,
and I am very happy to add these items to my collection,
and now onwards to next month and another amazing Loot Crate!


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