Loot Crate Overview February: Dead

By Jamie Scholfield

As we all know February is known for being
the month of the dead, so it only makes sense that this month’s crate features items from The Walking Dead and Deadpool.

Name: The Walking Dead Soap-On-A-Rope

Nothing truly gives the “Squeaky” 
clean feeling like a necklace of ears, and the fact that they’re soap, makes it work even better.

Name: Deadpool Tacos T-Shirt   
This month’s exclusive T-Shirt is everybody’s favorite R-Rated Super, not so much hero, as he declares his passion for Tacos.
Name: The Walking Dead Big Head Figure Construction Set

This item leaves it up to chance which one of the three you will get, 
surprisingly I got that one played by a British actor.

Name: Deadpool & Deadpool X-Force Variant Q-Fig Figure
One thing I do love about Loot Crate is getting new figures each week, and this one is defiantly one of my favorites.
This month’s theme was one that I was anticipating
since the moment it was announced, the Deadpool and Walking Dead Loot are some great items.

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