Loot Crate Overview January: Invasion

By Jamie Scholfield

The first Crate of 2016 and the first Loot Crate with the T-Shirt in every Crate guarantee, this Crate also includes many Extraterrestrial items…

Name: Exclusive X-Files LED Flashlight
Batteries included!

X-Files is returning to brighten up your life, and this Flashlight will too!
Name: Exclusive “Invasion”

Mini Art Prints
Two amazing pieces of artwork, from a couple of the greatest Science Fiction movies of the 1950’s, and they’re also perfect gifts for people who like

giant hands.
Name: Exclusive The Fifth Element

Prop Replica Multi Pass
About time I got a new Fake ID!

Especially one with this much detail put into it, I definitely feel like a winner with this item.
Name: Exclusive Alien Facehugger Plush
A great Plush toy from a great Alien movie, it so great i just want to hug it. With my face! Until it won’t let go!

Please let go!
Name: Exclusive Space Invader

Vinyl Figure
A three dimensional Space Invader with a pixel appearance and retro colours, instantly adding this to my ever growing collection.

A most excellent start to the new year, with extraterrestrial Loot for all to enjoy human or not.

I have a feeling 2016 will be a great year to be a  

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