DOOMED: Zach Reviews Archie #4


Zach Reviews Archie #4

Story: Mark Waid

Art: Annie Wu

Lettering: Jack Morelli

Art: Andre Szymanowicz and Jen Vaughn

Archie Comics

Finally the lipstick incident has been revealed, and what an incident it was! Mark Waid did a fantastic job of making the audience see the incident from both Archie and Betty’s perspectives. This issue does not shy away from difficult issues for both Betty and Archie, whether it’s holding on to the past for Archie or Betty’s desire to be more than just a tomboy. The art from Annie Wu is amazing. From the lighting in the first panel to Betty’s bright red lips, the colors are vibrant, bright, and consistent. This issue really makes the reader feel like a third wheel on Archie and Betty’s dates, whether it’s at the water tower, the playground, or the movie theater. This issue really makes the audience feel their happiness, joy, and how uncomfortable they were by the end of their last date. Also, we finally get the big reveal of Reggie! I cannot recommend this series enough. Stop reading this review right now and go read Archie number one through four!


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