Loot Crate Overview October: Time

By Jamie Scholfield

This month’s theme is Time, and features items from the past, present and future, including Bill and Ted, Doctor Who and Back to the Future.

Name: Doctor Who Spork Utensil

It’s a spoon and a fork, and a sonic device, the perfect combination for any hungry Timelords, plus it’s an exclusive too.

Name: Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard Replica
Another Loot Crate exclusive this one is based on the Hoverboards of the year 2015, right guys?


Name: Bill and Ted’s

Excellent Adventure T-shirt

An Excellent design that is perfect for the theme, also an Excellent colour choice, and it feels Excellent, also this is also an exclusive item, most Excellent.

Name: Back to the Future

Dr. Emmett Brown Vinyl Figure

Great Scott! Another Loot Crate exclusive. This figure has got some great detail and I am proud to display him on my shelf.
This month has featured the most exclusive items I’ve ever received in a Crate, and it might be a contender for my most favorite Crate ever.

So here’s looking to the Future, and next month’s Crate!

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