The Pull List #23 – 9/30/15

A weekly column in which Jake gives short blurbs about the comics he’s picked up that week. Reviewed in the order read, which varies but generally by increasing anticipation.  Disclaimer: he knows very little about art, at least not enough to considerably honor such tremendous undertakings, so…yeh, there’s that.

From Under Mountains #1

Story: Claire Gibson & Marian Churchland

Art: Sloane Leong

Letters: Ariana Maher


Let it never be said that good cover art and an intriguing title wont sell a book, because those are the reasons From Under Mountains finds its way onto the List this week, having no knowledge of the series beforehand.  Theres a thief trying to break into a mountain keep where a lord must deal with enemy incursions while his children chafe under his strict governance.  Also, theres a fallen hero getting a second chance, and a tribal priestess plotting murder.  To say there is a lot going on would be an understatement.  Gibson and Churchland lay numerous plot lines in their first outing, and as a result, we dont really get a solid feel for the way this world works or how the characters relate to one another.  While there are a few glimpses of the governing politics, it may be a case of trying to do too much at one time.  Still, its only the first issue so some mystery is to be expected and Gibson and Churchland obviously have a definite game plan.  The characters, intwinement and significance ambiguous as they may be, are all well-thought out, and it is really this quality that makes story.  The art is one of the biggest highlights of the issue.  Leongs costuming alone is incredible, with each characters outfit both familiar and unique in equal measure.  The perspective and choice of view for many panels is particularly great.  From Under Mountains comes out of the gate with a lot of promise and hope for another fresh story in the fantasy
Mercury Heat #4

Story: Kieron Gillen

Art: Nahuel Lopez

Color: Digikore Studios

Letters: Kurt Hathaway

Avatar Press

Luiza Bora races across the surface of Mercury against the dawning inferno to track down what may be her last chance to crack her first case.  Gillen scripts the seriesstrongest issue yet, ramping up the action as well as giving us an enlightening look at Luiza before she became police and what her psych evaluation of 57B actually means.  The disparity between Luiza then and Luiza now has been hinted at, but the revelation laid bare is both sympathizing and disheartening.  Nahuel Lopez steps in on art this month and the result is generally good.  Lopez communicates action well and many of his expressions sell the script.  Some, however, come off looking distorted or unintentionally comical.  Still, its a net positive and doesnt take away from the story.  As Luiza closes in on her perps, Mercury Heat truly hits its stride. 
Godzilla in Hell #3

Writers: Ulises Farinas & Erick Frietas

Art: Buster Moody

Colors: Ludwig Laguna Olimba

Letters: Chris Mowry


Things get a bit moreovert as Godzilla battles the forces of both hell and apparently heaven in the halfway point of this series.  Things get weird with the entrance of butteryfly-winged psuedo-angels and SpaceGodzilla.  Farinas and Frietas appear to inject a bit more plot into the series, which Im not sure it needed.  Theres a throwback to Godzilla and his space-foes throw down in Rio De Janeiro which longtime fans might appreciate.  Buster Moody is the artist for this issue and depicts the eponymous hero as somewhat scrappier than past issue, which fits with the scripts positioning of him as caught between heaven and hell. The series has been a slow downslope as Godzilla has ventured further and further into Hell, and one has to hope that the series picks up in its penultimate issue. 
Ghost Racers #4
Story: Felipe Smith

Art: Juan Gedeon

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Lettering: VCs Cory Petit


Theres a Ghost Rider T-Rex riding a fighter jet in this issue.  Honestly, Im not sure any more needs to be said.  Felipe Smith wraps up Robbie Reyess trials and tribulations in Battleworld in fantastic fashion as he races (heh) to save his young brother Gabe from the fury of the other racers and Arcades dastardly machinations.  Its a lovely wrap-up to the series and its great to see Smith and Gedeon go crazy with design and action while giving a nice emotional conclusion to the story.  Ghost Racers has been a series for fans new and old, and one can only hope to see more of the same after Secret Wars. 
So what did you pick up this week? Agree or disagree with anything said here? Let us know in the comments.

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