What I’d Like To See: Destiny Year Two by Jamie


From a casual, non-Grimoire card reading Destiny player.
So the Taken King is soon to be upon us, and so Year Two of Destiny is beginning. But what would we, the players, wish to see added to the world of Destiny, well I have a few ideas, so I have made a list.
Number 1: The Ghost. So sadly the voice will be going through a voice change, and video game everyman Nolan North will be replacing actor Peter Dinklage as the voice, but why not go one step further and give the player the option of choosing the voice for their own Ghost?
Number 2: Trading. Maybe one of the social hubs could open up an auction house or give players the option to trade face to face with each other, or at the very least allow member of the same clans to trade items with their fellow clan mates.
Number 3: Planet. The solar system consist of almost a dozen planets, so how come we can only visit 3 of them? We travel to some of these planets for PvP so why not for Strikes, Raids and Patrols?
Number 4: World specific events. The way World of Warcraft has an in-game calendar showing all these in game holidays and what they mean and do, maybe having characters who only appear for certain holidays or a mission that only happens round Christmas time, maybe even the weather changes during the year?
Number 5: Space. So we have Spaceships, that the player has no control over, besides clicking on a map a saying “Go Here” I one day hope for Spaceship combat mission or PvP that takes place in space. Or hell just let us move it slightly when between worlds!

So that’s what I’ve got, these are my hopes and dreams for the new year of Destiny, but what about everyone else?


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