The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #104


Luke’s here! After a long absence, the Yamcha of Team DBAH joins Heather, Jamie & Charlie to talk about the awesome time someone had at RTX 2015, a fond farewell to Yvonne Craig & the UK Batman, learning britishing, as much Batman: Arkham Knight talk as someone wants to talk about, someone’s fanatical devotion to Bloodborne, webcomic & Dark Souls 2 delays from a broken computer, the awesome dialogue and special appearances in Withcher III: Wild Hunt, Max Landis giving us 2 movies this year, dabbling in Destiny, the yearning to document the original 4 playing Gears of War, Overwatch anticipation, the completion of Wolf Among Us, the allure of Diablo 3, the return to League of Legends and a new segment called closing remarks! It’s all here in the Official Team DBAH Podcast #104! Come Join Us Why Don’t You?

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