Team Autumn’s Top Picks For Super Smash DLC

With the recent announcement that Nintendo have opened up a ballot to vote for characters you’d like to see in Smash, David and Jamie, AKA Team Autumn, have both listed our top five characters that we’d like to see. Check out their podcast at

Dave’s Picks

Pick #5: Hunter
From: Monster Hunter (Series)

While the Monster Hunter series didn’t migrate to Nintendo until the third generation, it’s still garnered a lot of attention. A (note: default, unless they decided to make the hunter’s alternate skins visibly different) hunter wielding one of the series’s dubiously large weapons could make a stand alongside heavy weaponeers Ike and Dedede. It’s a character niche that remains largely untouched–probably because the two entrees already dominate it–but the idea of a heavy hitting axeman or swordsman stands. Besides, let’s see Ike summon a wyvern snake to ride as a final smash.

Pick #4: Waluigi
From: Various Mario Titles

Hear me out.
I know Nintendo’s released a statement saying that they aren’t going to add characters like Waluigi who are already assist trophies. I understand their statement that it would take a lot of work to take them out of the game and put them back in.
But who say’s he can’t be an assist trophy AND a playable character? I wouldn’t whine. I would WAA.

Pick #3: Adeleine 
From: Kirby and the Crystal Shards (N64)

Nintendo 64 was probably one of the most nostalgia inducing era for character lovers. There’s Malon and Dark Link from Ocarina of Time, Wolf from Star Fox 64, and Adeleine from Kirby and the Crystal Shards. Adeleine was one of Kirby’s friends (and a small possessed boss) that helped him save the world. She had the unique ability to paint things that would then become real. Kirby used this to eat food without end, but it could make for a very interesting combat mechanic as well. And for her final smash, how about painting and dropping a giant anvil on the stage?

Pick #2: Earthworm Jim
From: Earthworm Jim

Maybe this is my nostalgia talking, but Earthworm Jim was one of my favorite games as a child. There were few things as amusing as Earthworm Jim’s final boss fight, and he packed a solid amount of gun tricks as well. There’s surely room in the roster for another ranged character, and Jim also has a sense of…well I don’t want to use the word style, but he’s got something. Maybe it’s tucked under his tail?

Pick #1: Banjo and Kazooie
From: Banjo-Kazooie

Let’s face it, this is the only reason people play Duck Hunt. Nobody likes that dog (or I may just be blinded by my experiences with the actual Duck Hunt game). But most people do enjoy the character team-up by the duck and the dog. So why not go for the best pair out there? Everyone wants to see the bear and bird combo back, and the characters already have a plethora of moves that could be incorporated into the fighting game. Microsoft has already said that they like the idea, so there wouldn’t be a problem with copyright infringement. Even better, the popularity might finally get Banjo-Threeie into production.

Jamie’s Picks

Pick #5: Tails
From: Various Sonic Games

So I was considering Shadow the Hedgehog but I feel he’d be too similar to Sonic, while Tails is a very different character all together, he could also be one of those few characters who attacks from the air, and think of how happy Sonic would be to have his friend in the game?

Pick #4: Inkling Squid
From: Splatoon

Now this would be a character that Nintendo would be very smart to add to the game since Splatoon is an upcoming Wii U title and the characters overall appearance would fit it with the game environment, and seeing as Inkling squid already have Amiibo’s announced shows that Nintendo are very invested with the game, maybe adding a character to Smash would help the game sale even more!

Pick #3: Rayman
From: Rayman (Series)

So before Smash came out a miscommunication turned rumour was that Rayman was in the game, although it was eventually discovered that he was! But only as a collectable trophy, still awesome, but could you imagine playing as Rayman, taking on Sonic, Mario and Pac-Man, it would be a childhood dream of awesomeness, Rayman has also never been a character tied to one console which would probably mean it would be that difficult for Nintendo to arrange.

Pick #2: Ice Climbers
From: Ice Climber (Series)

One of the only thing that’s made me sad about Super Smash 4, was the removal of Popo and Nana, better know as the Ice Climbers, although the reason why they weren’t included, because of technical issues encountered in the development of the 3DS version, can be considered understandable, maybe now that there isn’t a deadline for the games release, Nintendo could now figure out and overcome those issues, because who doesn’t want to whack Link, with an ice hammer as a pair of colour coordinated Eskimos?

Pick #1: Toad
From: Various Mario Games

Final pick is plain and simple, Toad, just Toad, sometimes and captain other times a servant, always a joy. Since his debut in the 1985 Super Mario game, he had never had his own official game, until earlier this year, it took him almost 30 years to step out into the spotlight, and now that he’s there, we should never let him go back, listen to me Nintendo and let Toad have his chance to show his true power, Bowser will never push past him for the Princess again, and with that I’ll return to my wait for, Super Toad Adventure, Captain Toad 2, Toad Boom, Earthworm Toad, ToadHunter and of course the highly anticipated Toad Climbers.


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