The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #82


This week on the podcast Craig ponders why the GhostCorps needs to be made and why it’s not a bad thing that Uncharted 4 has been delayed, Jamie breaks down heists in GTAV and discusses the finer points of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Heather teaches us how to remember geography and lost memories of the Hobbit and Charlie gets Ori & the Blind Forest and really can’t say enough good things about The Last of Us. All this and everything from The Order 1886 and Dragon Age Inquisition to Marmite and Garfield are jam packed into The Official Team DBAH Podcast #82! Come Join Us, Why Don’t You?

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2 responses to “The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #82

  1. Hmm I posted but it didn't post. Anyway, the first heist is not too bad. The setup jobs are mini missions and you get some cash and rp for doing them. It also gets you used to how the rest of the heists will go. As a heist leader it is important to pair up the job responsibilities accordingly. For example, if your teammate is not exactly the most patient person, don't make them the driller. Driving in this job isn't the most critical, so long as they can keep the car on the road and avoid the road blocks, it is pretty easy. Their bank role is simple as well. Destroy cameras, keep the gun on the teller and bank patrons. Get into the car as quick as possible when the driller gets the goods and drive it like you stole it! (because you did). Enjoy this job as the rest become more complex and run longer. 2nd play through on this, the driller was not very patient, was a little under the influence, and their controller was dying. Eventually we timed out and the teller hit the button before we got into the bank. It was that or I got bored waiting and started shooting at cars and tractor trailers.

    Either way, it is a fun new way to enjoy Online. Granted causing random chaos is also fun, but the heists certainly add something new and different. Not to mention the payouts are decent, so one does not have to run Coveted over and over again. I made 169,000 on Fleeca as the leader. 100K was an extra bonus for completing it for the first time. There is a little work and some thinking, but it makes it a bit more than an open world shooter.

  2. Sweet! Sounds like we may have to hire you for a few jobs! 😉 Also don't know what what's up with blogspots comment/notifications lately. Either comments haven't been saving or theres been no notifications of said comments. damn it!

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