How the MCU should handle Spider-Man

With the recent news that Spider-Man will 

now be joining the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, the big question on everyone’s 
mind is……

How’s Marvel gonna pull it off?

Luckily I, Jamie, Have some idea’s.


First things first, timeline, when did Peter Parker get bitten? when did Uncle Ben bite the dust? and most importantly why hasn’t he helped out before?

2012, Uncle Ben gets shot while trying to disrupt the mugging of a young woman, with the day of his funeral being the same day of the Chitauri invasion, Peter and his Aunt May are caught in the middle and get led to the subway with a crowd of others by Captain America.

Early 2013, Peter get given the chance of a lifetime by his friend Harrys father, an internship at Oscorp, one day a disgruntled Oscorp employee trashes the office, where Peter works, in a fit of rage, and while cleaning up Peter has an encounter with the Spider that changes his life.

2013-2014, Peter slowly learns to control his powers, fighting small time crooks, and the occasional member of his rouge gallery, nothing to big, until one day the man that shot Uncle Ben escapes prison and Peter confronts him, and takes his first, and only, life.

2014, Peter gives up being Spider-Man for a few months, in those months he, gets a Girlfriend, graduates high school, and fails to get a job at the Daily Bugle, also during this time, a mysterious explosion happens at Oscorp, and Norman Osborn vanishes, eventually Aunt May takes ill and poor jobless Peter, in need of money, suits up once again, selling picture’s of himself to the Bugle, but soon gets dragged back into the action when the Green Goblin makes an appearance, eventually ending the same way it does in the comics, Gwen Stacy dies at the hands of the Goblin, before the Crazed Norman ends his own life.

Early 2015, Harry Osborn shuts his friend out and takes control of Oscorp, Peter meets Mary-Jane Watson, the young girl whom Uncle Ben saved that night in 2012, Peter learning this finally decides on his destiny as Spider-Man, while as Peter he starts attending Empire State University, where he meets Dr Curt Conners.

2015-2016, Peter does his part during the Ultron seize, but never makes news outside of the Bugle, one night after a patrol as Spider-Man, Peter encounters Nick Fury, the two briefly talks about responsibility and destiny, before finally Fury hands him an address and tells him to “Give Stark a visit sometime, He has all the toys” which will lead in to Civil War.

So by the time of the planned date of 2017 for a solo Spider-Man movie, Peter will have been Spider-Man for 3 years 7 months, he would have faced villain such as, Green Goblin, Shocker, Rhino, Kraven and had several encounters with Black Cat, as well as having a good friendship with Mary-Jane, a mentor in Dr Conners, and a job at the Daily Bugle, Peter wouldn’t have spoken with Harry in almost 2 years, and Aunt May would be in a bad way, health wise.

All of this I think would be a great way to start of Peter Parkers role in the MCU, But what do you guys think?


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