‘Twas the Day Before Christmas by the Halfrican Warrior

Twas the day before Christmas 
and all through da crib,
Not a creature was sittin still, 
especially them damn kids.
They run and they scream 
through the front room they tear,
While laughing and crying 
with candy in hair.
Some presents half wrapped 
cuz them kids, they don’t listen 
As they tug on the lights 
from they tree where they glisten. 
With mom in her T, 
and dad boxer shorts,
They ready themselves 
for the holiday wars!
When suddenly dad said 
with the loudest of roars:
The kids dart to bed 
laying still with eyes open,
Pretending to sleep 
while they laughin and jokin.
Just then the kids hear 
with a click and a clack
A sound on the roof 
like a bear in a trap!
They don’t dare get up 
because they already know,
You fuck with the Santa 
your ass gettin coal!
So anxious they lay 
in their bed full of joy,
At 5 in the morning 
they get their new toys.
Christmas morning was here 
and the kids rushed the tree.
To find that the presents 
have whittled to three
Some socks a t shirt 
and a lone Christmas letter
From Santa it stated 
“you should behave better..”
“..you think Christmas a right 
and your presents deserved..
..how bout listening to your parents 
and not being a turd..”
“..I hope this reality check 
sends you bad kids a lesson..
..just because it is Christmas 
doesn’t mean you DESERVE presents!”
“Maybe next year you will listen t
o mom and to dad…
Clean up when you’re asked 
instead of gettin mad”
“Have you learned your lesson?” 
Dad said in reply?
The kids nodded yes 
with big tears in their eyes.
Mom nodded at dad 
and he smiled with glee,
Then grabbed a big bag 
hidden just left of the tree 
“Here Jackson
Here Jemma
Here JJ & Jennie 
Here Xaviors 
Here xander 
Here Khloe & Ellie 
Here you bad kids here, 
come take these holiday gifts!
But next time we tell you to sit 
you WILL SIT!”
With they day ending fast 
and the ham cooked just right,
We wish a Merry Christmas to all 
and to all a goodnight!

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