What I’d Like to See #6: Assassin’s Creed

 With a special quest, but I’ll get to that in a bit…

So I’ve only ever played two Assassins Creed games, Assassins Creed 2 and Assassins Creed Black Flag, so I hardly no the story, but Pirates and
Rome are cool, but can France be cooler?

Well first off the Co-op Campaign sounds awesome and the idea of how it’ll work sounds very interesting, I should probably mention that I’m talking about Assassins Creed Unity, I’ll probably talk about Rouge sometime in the future.

So Unity is set to release worldwide on October 28, 2014 which is slightly over 2 months away, so we already know some stuff about the story, such as Arno Dorian is on a quest for redemption which will see he rise through the ranks of the Assassins, so you know the same old started from the bottom and rising up, but is that the only cliché I’ve discovered in short description I’ve read?

Nope, we also have a love interest on the enemy team, so a bit of Romeo and Juliet added to the Assassins Creed mix, hopefully the love interest Elise will play into the story as something other than love interest, especially since there is already the “Cooperative mode gender controversy” Ubisoft might give us a female who’s badass and pretty.

Speaking of which let’s see a couple of pointers from Heather Aka Oloeopia.

Ok here’s what I’d like to see:

More of the hayday assassins, when the assassins are in their prime and working together not the lone assassin thing trying to figure out how the world works.

More of the modern day missions, I loved scaling the building in NY and Buenos Aires stadium (I also want more Desmond but I’m alone on that)

I want to see what assassins are doing/have done, a bit more in depth look at the lore.

Those were Heather’s views and you’ve heard mine, so this wraps up another addition of What I’d Like To See, Until next time, 🙂


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