What I’d Like To See #4: the Batman Arkham series

If there is one superhero that everyone likes to play as, it’s Batman, and after 3 games in the Batman Arkham series, Batman is finally going up against villains other than the Joker, RIP.

But if Arkham Knights going to be a hit we’ll need a few things, unless we want a repeat of Arkham Origins, which I don’t.
1) Answer the cliff-hangers from the last games, Hush, Azrael and the whole suicide squad from Origins.
2) Keep the Villains relevant to the whole story, not just their own parts, big time bad guys like Two Face and the Penguin shouldn’t just have on fight and that’s it.
3) Don’t make us believe characters are big to the story, when they won’t be. See the first trailer for Arkham Origins, Black Mask, Deadshot and Deathstroke were not as big as the trailer let on.
4) Does Gotham city just allow the criminals out at night?
5) Give us Robin, not just to show up take down and couple of guys, give Batman something and walk off, The Dynamic Duo needs to fight together.
But besides all that my biggest want, is that the Batmobile is actually necessary to the game, and not just added to the game for a cheap addition.
Once again if you disagree with anything I said, leave a comment, also if you want to suggest other games for future What I’d like to see, comment, until next time thanks.

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