What I’d Like to See #3: Minecraft

On this installment of What I’d like to see, rather than talking about future installment to a game series, I’m instead going to talk about updates that I’d like to see added to everyone’s favourite sandbox game, Minecraft.

1) We have the Overworld, the Nether and the End, how about the sky lands? It could be a world inhabited by winged creatures, a giant cloud kingdom and a Giant to act as the boss, sounds a bit like a fairy tale doesn’t it?

2) Expanded the sea life, those squids must be mighty lonely, how about give them some new friends, maybe also include mermaids and a forgotten underwater civilization.

3) Holiday specific events and mods, horses turn into reindeers at Christmas, Scarecrows invade villages on Halloween, Rabbits swarm the field at Easter, to name a few.

4) Multiplayer mini games, imagine having the ability to set up and play Minecraft version of Capture the flag, Headquarters and Races ( On horses)

But more than anything I just want the world on Minecraft to keep expanding and looking beautiful, but as I’m aware that everyone has their own ideas to what they’d like to see added to Minecraft, so how about you guys leave a comment detailing what you’d like to see?


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