What I’d Like To See #2: Call of Duty

The Call Of Duty franchise has been going on now for the majority of my console gaming life, and while each game adds new game modes and mechanics, the change are never enough to keep me interested for long.



So what changes do I want to see?

1) Why does the protagonist have to be special, why can’t you just be an average solider, with a normal set of skills.

2) Let’s us choice our own skills, let us have our own choice in what the protagonist can use and do, and what their fighting style is, (Close quarters, Big guns, Snipers or maybe even medical)

3) Give the protagonist a voice and an opinion.

4) STOP WITH THE CLICHE MISSIONS, I hate that every COD game has to have the standard underwater mission, the default rappelling down a building mission and the boring using a satellite mission.

And for the multiplayer, I know they have to be careful with what the change, god forbid the 12 year olds get upset, but I personally think that Titanfall has so great multiplayer mechanics that I would like to see utilised in COD, but I’ll let you guys think about what they could be.

As always if I have said anything you disagree with, let me know in the comments.


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