New Unreal Tournament Announced

Here is a fast overview of the announcement from Epic today about the new
Unreal Tournament! 

  1. The development officially begins today with a heavy dose of community (that’s you guys!) help and involvement. Epic will work directly with you to develop the new Unreal Tournament.
  2. The game will be Free! “You mean Free to Play? So it’s just gonna be pay to win?! Is that what you’re telling me here?! What the hell!!!??” Answer: No. It will be free. As in here’s the game enjoy it and go forth and frag away!
  3. There was a fast mention a marketplace that will allow people to sell items they create but there was really no details on it.
  4. The first game style will likely be Team Death Match. The game style that started it all! 
  5. The game will be on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Now before you go into a tisy about “WHAT NO CONSOLES?! F’ these guys and your computers!” lets think about this. Epic is doing something that no other devolper has done, that I know of anyway, in that it is allowing players to directly develop a game. Something unheard of. Next, developing on consoles is much more involved and much more expensive. If this were on consoles this Developer/Player interaction could just not happen. Who knows, maybe one day there wil be port of it to consoles but that is far down the road. 
  6. If you want to join the forum head over to and sign up. Epic has also said there are leaning tools and tutorials to help you learn how to use the Unreal Engine so you can get involved and start creating.

As we learn  more we will defiantly let you know! It’s good to see such a classic game that so many have played make a come back with direct input from players! So head over there and let your voice (or keyboard) be heard!


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