Friday Night DBAHchery Report for 5/9/14: HALO 4

Hey everyone, guess what… Its that time of the week where the next Team DBAH Friday Night DBAH-chery is announced! This Friday night, May 9th at the usual 9 p.m. EST (-5 GMT) hour, we’re dressing up in our favorite armor configuration for some Halo 4 multiplayer.

That’s right guys and gals, this Friday will be packed with Sniper fire, Ghost mow downs, and spectacular explosive screen flare in this Microsoft owned powerhouse title. As always, DLC is NOT required to play, and skill level is of no concern to this group of laid back gamers. Best part, you never know just what kind of hijinks will ensue in this friendly crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Join up with the group to leave your gamertag in the comments, and direct message CharlieDanger82 on his Xbox LIVE profile to get in on the fun. See you there gamers. Wulfboi, OUT!


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