What I’d Like To See #1: Halo


It’s seems fitting that the first “What I’d Like To See” is such a major player in the Xbox history, with halo being such a key game in the Xbox and the Xbox 360’s game library, something we have yet to see happen for the Xbox One, unless you count Spartan Assault.

Anyway except for a teaser trailer, and a couple of rumors and announcements, the future of the popular game franchise is mostly unknown, for the current time being, which is why its a perfect time for speculation.

So I’m one of those people who hope that 343 are working on more than one game, one game being the next anticipated game in the Halo franchise, and the other being a much loved game of Halo’s past with a nice shine to it, that right I’m talking about Halo 2 Anniversary, imagine if Halo 2 Anniversary was released fro the Xbox 360, imagine how awesome it would be to have every Halo game on one console.

So we’d have Halo 2 Anniversary released towards the end of this year, with a remastered campaign, a multiplayer similar to Halo 4, but with the features Halo 2 multiplayer is known for, duel wielding and best thing of all, it’ll include a beta code for the multiplayer of the upcoming………..

HALO 5!!! 

Yep that’s right we’d get a beta code for Halo 5 multiplayer, with the beta being released around the first 2 months of 2015, and the game it’s self being released around about spring/summer time, but I’ll hold of making a full on prediction for Halo 5, until later this year, but in the mean time I’ll list a few things I’d like to see in Halo 5: The Arbiter’s Return, Firefight or something similar, Elites and Humans teaming up to fight a bigger threat, The Return of Commander Hood.

The campaign is a hard thing for me to predict, because I’m not aware of the story outside of the game, which this new trilogy of games seem to be following, but one thing I can bet on is that Cortana and the Chief story isn’t over yet.

If you agree or disagree with anything I said, please let me know in the comments below.


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