That symbol right there is well known throughout the gaming world. Upon seeing it, one usually knows it right away. Unreal Tournament. Once UT ruled CRT screens along side Quake long before the days of Modern Warfare or Battlefield as we know it today. Quake and Unreal were Twitch style shooters based on how fast you were able draw and fire rather than the more tactical settings of today’s games that are going for more “realism”.  Many a nights were lost while playing and hearing “First Blood!”,  “Head shot.” ,”God Like!” “Multikill!”

For years we have seen what Epic could do the Unreal Engine and what it can produce.
Creating gaming worlds that start to blur the lines of CG and the real world. When we asked for a new game we always heard, “Sorry, there’s no new game.” and we went and looked at the screen shots and video clips what could be. Well that day may be upon us at long last! This Thursday,
May 8th at 2pm EST Epic will be showing off something as Teased in this tweet from Paul Meegan, who works for Epic Games. Are we getting a remake? Are we getting a completely new game?
Are we getting an iOS game? What is it?!  We shall soon see.  Thursday can’t get here quick enough! If you are unfamiliar with Unreal Series take a look at the vid below and you’ll get an idea!




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