House of Call of Duty

With the knowledge we will get a Call of Duty game relatively soon the interwebs have been busy as of late! A teaser trailer has been released starting none other than House of Cards actor
Kevin Spacey! The theme of the game is based around PMCs. If you remember your Metal Gear stories, PMCs are Private Military Corporations. Basically they are paid for mobile militaries working for the highest bidder. This theme has been used in several games (hell even movies) in the past and it will be interesting to see Sledgehammer’s take on it. Kevin plays a really “good” bad guy!

Don’t hurt us Kevin! 
Which leaves the question, what will the game play be like? Well on May 4th they were set to do a reveal BUT… “shockingly” the trailer and game play footage was “leaked” little early… Grab a seat and take a look! The Trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
From the looks of it, looks like we get to play with some “future tech” including ExoSkeletons, armored hover bikes (fucking yea!), drones, auto targeting and more! If you’re wondering, with some fast searches, you’ll see most of these things are based on real equipment that does exist. Like the Exoskeltons for example: 
Well boys and girls that’s it for now. Enjoy the vids and once we hear anything else we’ll let you know! Personally, since Sci-Fi was one of my all time favorite GI:Joes I’m looking forward to this! 

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