Hello, DBAHdians! This weeks Friday Night DBAHchery is a trip to DEFIANCE on the Xbox 360! 

Our adventures begin at 9:00pm EST on Friday, May 2nd, 2014.  Thankfully, Defiance is a console MMO, so there’s no limit to the people we can get together for a myriad of activities!

There are story missions with folks like these guys that tie in with major plot points in the TV show:



There’s a wonderful landscape to traverse and explore filled with dangers like every 12 feet:

Want to complete some Challenges? We can do that too! Think Stunt!

Is your Level on the low side? Fear Not! Team DBAH can help you Grind to your hearts content!

And of course, if you want to TOTALLY disregard the tenants of Team DBAH (especially in regards to that whole “Hero Avoidance” clause we have), there are plenty of Arkfalls loaded with awesome loot… provided we can beat things this guy here:


To participate, Leave your Gamertag in a comment below or send a message to CharlieDanger82 on Xbox Live and we’ll get you in to the festivities! Hope to see you there, folks, and remember: Don’t Be A Hero!


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