Shots From Across The Pond: Jamie Reviews Trials: Fusion

 “Welcome to the future”

For a long time Trial Evolution was my go to arcade game, and Trials Fusion is defiantly my new go to game. My two favourite things are the music and the visuals, this game is a lot more colourful than previous trials games.
The controls are pretty much the same as Trail Evolution, but with the newly added ability to perform tricks on your motor bike, which is something new that I like, even if I haven’t got all of the tricks down, yet.
A couple of other new things are the addition of a new type of vehicle, a much heavier and slightly harder to control vehicle, of course I’m talking about a quad bike, which along with four motor bikes and one pedal bike makes up the six vehicles you can currently use, but more will be added, I believe.
Another new thing I like is that every map has three challenges tied to it, and completing each challenge gives you some extra experiences which unlocks custom bike parts and character costumes.
So I haven’t got much else to say about Trials Fusion, because every moment I’m writing about it is a moment I’m not playing Trials Fusion.
So I give Trials Fusion 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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