WWE WrestleMania 30

Team DBAH WrestleMania 30 Round Up

(Yes I know this is late but since this isn’t our full time job other things come up and hence you have a post going up late. 
My apologizes. -C ) 

First off let me start this by saying RIP Ultimate Warrior. The passing of James Hellwig, better known as The Ultimate Warrior came as a shock. He was 54. He recently came back to WWE after a long absence (18 years) to promote the game WWE 2K14 and for his induction into the
WWE Hall of Fame before WrestleMania 30. He also made an appearance on RAW on April 7th
and his speech was rather eery in hindsight…

A Reunion of Legends!

What happens when you put Hulkamania, Austin 3:16 and whatever The Rock has cooking in one ring at the same time?! You get pure gold. Hulk came out first, forgot which dome he was in,
(Metro Dome!? The Silver Dome!?) to start up the crowd but all of sudden there was the distinct sound of breaking glass and in walks Stone Cold Steve Austin. Fans instantly reacted with the chant of “What?!” as Austin counted out how many Wrestlemania’s Hulk’s been in. After some more banter back and forth the crowd erupted again as The Rock’s theme song began. The Rock made his way down to the ring, did razz Hulk little for the Dome mess up as Austin did and told the world how honored he was to share the ring with the two men across from him. At the end, we heard “and that’s the bottom line…” , “what’cha gonna do…” and  “If you smellllllllllll”. The crowd goes wild again as Austin, Hulk and The Rock share many a beer in the center of the ring! The crowd seems ready for Wrestlemania 30!
There was prelim match for the Tag Belts but since I didn’t see that so I won’t bring it up.

Daniel Bryant vs Triple H


This match was to decide who would be in the Championship match at the end vs Randy Orton and Batista. The match was very well played out and very technical opposed the brawls one is custom to seeing in HHH’s matches. In the end Daniel Bryant won setting up the 3 Way match for the title but after the count to 3 HHH came back intp to do little more damage to Daniel’s arm buy slamming it in to the post and hitting him with a chair.  Side note, Triple H’s entrance with the throne and the slave girls and the gold skull mask = awesome. I want one!

The Shield vs Kane and The New Age Outlaws

OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW!? The thing about wrestling is that once a match sets the bar sometimes it’s kinda hard to match it for the guys up next. I felt this way about this match it was
young vs old. (Billy Gunn is pushing 50) Granted I am a sucker for nostalgia but at times it was hard to watch. Kane is “up in the office” now and Outlaws aren’t spring chickens anymore. After some back and forth the shield took over the match and triple power bombed both New Age Outlaws pinning Mr. Gunn for the win. Billy Gunn was injured in the match and he was coughing up blood (hemoptysis) for a while. After medical examine it was determined he broke blood vessel which caused the hemoptysis. This really was used to setup a new story line of The Shield feuding with The Authority. You can’t go around almost killing Triple H’s friends

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This was a fun match to watch. Granted there was no time for solo introductions so it basically just started. Cesaro was working hard the whole match, Kofi Kingston was flying around the ring (how is that man not constantly dizzy?!) The Big Show was nice and didn’t beat up little Ray Mysterio and Golddust was just kinda hanging out going from one fight to the next.  In the end Kofi’s swinging coudn’t save him tho it did a few times nor could Ray’s 6-1-9. When the dust cleared Cesaro was left next to the Big Show…and what happened next lit up the crowd again. As the battled back and forth Cesaro BODYSLAMED The Big Show out of the ring and was declared winner of the Battle Royal! Keep your eye on Cesaro folks. He is on his way to making his mark in the WWE.

Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Remember when I said sometimes it is very difficult for people to match the bar of the last match. This is what happened here. After watching someone slam The Big Show out of a ring to then having to watch a “crazy guy with a rocking chair and lantern with another guy wearing a sheep mask” trying to make John Cena “one of them” just didn’t work for me. The story line got really convoluted and the crowd really didn’t know what the point was especially if you did not know the background. Long story short, Bray was trying to get world to see that Cena is a “monster” and not a golden child with morals and such. Bray would ask Cena to just hit him and bring out the monster. He even offered him a chair at one point. Cena receded the offer and wound up winning the match. Both men are very talented in the ring with what the can do just the story line just got lost somewhere along the way. If this was a chance to make Cena turn heel they may of missed it.

Undertaker vs Brock

Well well, well. We have come to the match that is probably one of the most talked about matches in recent WWE history. Wrestling is supposed to invoke emotion and brother this one did just that! The Streak vs Brock Lesnar.  First off Undertaker’s entrances are always top notch. As Brock stood in the ring the lights went down, the music and mist started…Then appeared The Undertaker with a line of coffins and the names of the wrestlers who have lost to him in Wrestlemania. Triple H, HBK, Kane, the list goes on. The last one was open with Brock’s name on it. Taker pointed to it and it went up in a ball of fire! The match was very well played out. Both men gave it their all and both kicked out from the other’s finishers as the match went on. Then it happened… the unthinkable…the unimaginable! Brock got one more finishing move on The Undertaker…1…2…(he’ll get up right.)…3. Brock Lesnar pins Taker and the streak is over. 21-1. I have never seen that many people in a crowed just stop. It felt like time had stopped in the SuperDome. Grown people cried. It was the end of an era. The Undertake stayed in the ring for awhile. Taking long time to get up. He received a standing ovation from the crowd and he slow made his way up the ramp. Aftershock: It was announced that right after the match, Undertaker was transported via ambulance to the hospital and Vince went with him. He had a bad concussion and possible neck injury. The Undertaker is a traditionalist when it comes to wrestling and from what I hear is well respected in the locker room. He is allegedly the one who picked Brock as the one to break the streak, which I can respect. The Undertaker will go down as one of the greatest of all time and one of my favorite wrestlers ever. As we saw with Billy Gunn, wrestling is a young man’s sport. Mark is pushing 50 and does have an injury history. Even tho he only wrestles once or twice a year there is a point where your body just say. “I’m done.” There are now rumors going around that Brock was supposed to loose but due to Taker’s injuries the match was changed on the fly so it could end and he could be taken to hospital.  Who knows if this is true or not. 21-1 or 22-0 people will not forget him.

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

Well this definitely lightened the mood. A pallet cleanser if you will. It’s 14 Divas wrestling at once.  I mean what else can really be said about it!? In the end the Bella twins went after each other but AJ Lee made Naomi submit and retained her belt. Here is a match from MainEvent.



Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship

This pitted Randy Orton vs Batista vs a 1 armed Daniel Bryant. The match was basically a mauling for Bryant for a good portion of it. At one point Orton did pose of his two opponents like a gladiator.  At one point Triple H and Stephanie came to ringside and replaced the referee with own crooked replacement ref to count Bryant out but he kicked out last second. With a giant dive Bryant took out The Authority and the replacement ref. Triple H did a sledgehammer hidden and tried to use it but to no avail.  Batista and Orton then setup Bryant for a double finisher thru an announce table. This almost went south as someone forgot to remove a monitor from the table and Orton sliced open his back on it.  As Bryant was then being carried off in a neck brace and stretcher to reenter the match. Eventually Bryant gets Batista to tap out in the Yes Lock to win the WWE Championship! We also learned you can do the YES! Chant one armed! 


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