Who’s that knocking on my door?

Who is it?! MmmMMM no answer…. Who is it?! May I should go check! (peaking out the door)… Why it’s none other than the Angel of Death because today boys and girls is the release of the 1st expansion for Diablo 3! Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

After toiling to defeat Diablo and his generals guess who shows up to steal the glory. You guessed it! Death himself! The expansion brings a new class in the Crusader ( think Paladin ) and a new vendor called the Mystic.  The Mystic will let you do two things, so for those of you who have/play WoW you will already be very familiar with. First off, Enchanting, she will let you re roll a stat on equipment. For example: say you’re playing a Monk and you find this really cool looking mace but it’s +250 Intelligence… before you’d think “well this is stupid, guess I’ll sell it.”, but now the Mystic will allow you to re roll that stat into something useful like Dexterity. The other cool thing she allows you to do is “Transmog” your gear just like in WoW. So instead of running around looking like a whacked out Christmas tree or hobo who fell into a 5 different buckets of paint; you can now find or keep gear you think looks cool and give your high end (which may be really ugly to you) a new look with out having to lose awesome stats.

Another aspect of the game will be a feature called Adventure Mode. It will allow you to travel to any way point in any Act as you search for Bounties and Nephalem Rifts. The loot in the game will get a boost (since playing when the double XP started I have almost a full inventory window of  Legendary items) as well as the max level which has now increased from 60 to 70.  

Diablo 3: Reapers of Souls goes for $39.99 and the Deluxe Edition is $59.99, which comes with a WoW Pet, some avatars and some nice aesthetics for your Diablo 3 character along with a spectral pet.

And on the off chance you haven’t seen the trailers for it, check them out below!
Cinematic: Dear Blizzard PLEASE make a full CG movie!!! Thank you.

Game play trailer:           


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