Shots From Across the Pond: Jamie Reviews Call of Duty: Ghosts

So today I thought I’d share my views on the tenth installment in the Call Of Duty series, and it’s at this point that it’s making me think, why don’t they just do what every sports game does, release a game every year, with minimal differences from the last, and just put the year in the title, coming next year Call Of Duty 14, see it works.

Well anyway if I’m gonna review this game, I’ll have to do it in 3 sections, Campaign, Multiplayer and Extinction, or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Call Of Duty campaigns have never been able to top World At War for my favourite story, and this one didn’t come closes, with very cliché dialog, and an enemy force that I can’t remember who they were, I am sad to say anyone who’s gonna buy Ghost for an entertaining campaign might be a little disappointed. The Bad


So I haven’t had a lot of Multiplayer experience, only because I can only get tackled by dogs so many times. I started playing the Multiplayer a bit late, and by that I mean I am a level 7 shrouded by level 40+, that might be because I haven’t played much, but I’d like to put some of the blame on the fact that (at least in my view) THE LEVELING SYSTEM IS BROKEN. It took me 5 games to go from level 6 to 7. The Ugly


Call Of Duty has left behind zombies and found an enjoyable replacement, although there is only one story and map to play (Fingers crossed DLC) that doesn’t stop the class system from being useful or the unstopping waves of alien enemy’s, even if they do look kind of basic. Extinction should have been centre stage for Ghost, and I defiantly hope they give it more focus in the future. The Good

My Conclusion
I knew from the start that this would never be my game of the year, but more than anything negative I could say, I’m more shocked that I could find something about this game that I liked, and if Infinity Ward is reading, please put all your focus on Extinction, it’s good, but why not make it great.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts gets two and a half stars out of five


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