What are you talking about? Ep. 1: Max Landis

So, a name you might hear pretty often on the podcast is Max Landis. He’s the son of Director John Landis (a director of many favorite movies of my youth, like Blues Brothers, Kentucky Fried Movie & 3 Amigos to name a few). However, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Max is a screenwriting genius. Max wrote the movie Chronicle which served up a fresh new take on the superhero genre and has a bunch of irons in the fire in Hollywood with a ton of scripts making the rounds as well as his directorial debut, Me, Him, Her. We’re a big fan of his 17 minute short on YouTube, The Death and Return of Superman, but it’s the 40 minute long pitch for a comic reboot of DAROS that really must be seen. We’ve talked about it before on the podcast, but this is What We Were Talking About. It’s NSFW due to language, so put on those headphones and Enjoy:

The Death and Return of Superman Pitch by Max Landis

You may also want to check out the original masterpiece. It’s amazingly funny:

The Death and Return of Superman by Max Landis


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