The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #1
The team talks royal babies, the genius of Mr. Max Landis and of course games and comics! Plus… Charlie Danger regales us with the origin story of Team D.B.A.H. and gives a big shoutout to the Friendly Casual Gamers!

Check out this episode!


5 responses to “The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #1

  1. shout out to DBAH for hosing a bloody fun game! im am one of those people who came from the group friendly gamers on the RT site to DBAH and cant wait till the next playdate!

  2. So I enjoyed the Halo 4 playdate, I played until almost 6 in the morning (in the UK) and at one point during a game of duck hunt my control began to die (loses charge) so I quick snuck into my brother's room to “borrow” a charger wire, (I also woke up my brother by accident) I returned to my room and put back on my headset and the first thing I heard was “He's starting to move again” I continued to play for a bit but I realised that everyone (Who was still asleep in my house) would start waking up (And I needed some sleep) So I finished the game, said my goodbyes and turned to my bed, and slept and after 4 hours I was awoken by my brother playing he IPod quite loudly in my room, I looked at him and he said “This is for waking me up at 6 in the f***ing morning you a**hole”

    Jamie, Jscholfield on the RT site, MissionJDS on Xbox live, The British kid.

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