CharlieDanger82’s Video Game Reviews: Deadpool



Okay, Give me the bad news first:
Let me say that Deadpool, while entertaining, has to be one of the most overexposed comic book characters ever created. Therefore, it’s kismet that Nolan North, while entertaining, and being one of the most overexposed video game voice actors ever born, provides Deadpool’s voice. And you will here it A LOT. Deadpool has always been know as the “Merc With A Mouth,” and he completely lives up to the title because he never stops spouting off one liners. While this works for comics, the main character constantly yakking away while you’re trying to play the game gets really old, really quick. Also the writing, while funny at times, quickly devolves into a juvenile and, most of the time, sexist banter. Without spoiling anything, there is a “party” scene that makes anything offensive from Duke Nukem Forever look like We Love Katamari.

The plot of the game is about as crazy and disjointed as you’d expect. Deadpool wants to be in his own video game and sets out to make it when…. Yeah, I kinda lost track of it about an hour into the game. Not because it’s overly complex or anything it just gets way too busy. It’s like they tried to shoehorn a bunch of characters into the game just to have them in there and forgot to give them any sort of purpose. Cable, Wolverine, and Rogue show up and are actually tied into the plot, but Psylocke and Domino are just thrown in for S&G’s and they’re on the cover of the game! And to throw Mr. Sinister and the Marauders in to this mockumentary of a game when they could have used their resources into building a really compelling X-Men game is not only criminal, but shows a complete lack of vision from the development team. I mean, c’mon High Moon. You couldn’t have just released a Deadpool DLC for an X-Men game that could have been a cool bit of fan service while you used your resources to create a well rounded and compelling story? Or did you want to save that for another boring X-Men game where they fight Magneto for the 9,000th time?

As far as gameplay goes, it’s smooth and there are a lot of cool combos you can pull off in combat…. which you will be entering A LOT. After about halfway through the game, the gameplay went from fun to grintastically repetitive. Too many sequences quickly turned from a cool skirmish with a new enemy to fighting wave after wave of boring, samey footsoldiers. The final level is perhaps the most prominent example of this, throwing countless waves of the same villains at you for about a half an hour. It’s also a bit unrealistically unbalanced when you fight 7 dudes who are using energy projection powers harnessed from the power of a million suns, beat them with a couple of combos, then you’re taken out by one guy with a machine gun. Utter Garbage. As far as replayability goes, only the most stalwart of Achievement addicts will suffer through this mess again.

Is there anything good about the game?
Yes. The game is sprinkled with some sequences that are really quite fun. Some of the puzzles in the game are entertaining, if not very simple. The way that the character of Death is portrayed in the game is both visually interesting and at times emotionally heartbreaking. Anytime where there is a “vehicle” sequence in the game provides a fun break from the string of repetitive waves of footsoldiers. Graphically the game looks damn good, especially the design for Cable. I just wish all the money that went into it made a better overall game.

The Verdict:
Deadpool the game is a rental or $10 game at best. While the graphics are pretty good and the game has it’s fun parts, the rest of the game is a repetitive and juvenile mess that has an engaging start and ends up with you begging for it to just end already.

Deadpool gets 1 Liefeld out of 5.


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