Team DBAH vs FCG Logistics

Hello, DBAHdians. I have a few things to say about the Team DBAH vs. Friendly Casual Gamers Halo 4 Playdate, tomorrow, July 19th at 9:00pm EST.

First, thank you to the 16 people who will be representing the team tomorrow night. I am very happy with the response from Team DBAH and I appreciate you all for signing up. That being said there will be 17 DBAHdians in the hopper for BTB games that only support 8v8. @Sparky2010 has volunteered to be a second Team Captain for the group, seeing as how we will most likely be split into 2 parties. Please friend @Sparky2010 on live to make assigning people to parties easier. My feeling is that @melander and I will form a private match and send you all individual invites to get you in each round. it will be a first come, first serve roster, meaning when you show up, that is the order you will be in. I will rotate people in each round from our folks to make sure we all get a chance to play. However if y’all have a better idea as to how to do this better, please don’t hesitate to comment, as i have very little experience handling something of this magnitude.

Second, We will be playing vanilla Halo 4. no DLC is needed. not everyone can afford to keep pouring money into a game we’ve already paid $60 for, so i will not be an ass and require DLC. If somebody wants to do an achievement cleanup in the various map packs, let me know and we can take care of that some other time. Any BTB game type (team Slayer, CTF, Regicide, etc…) will be played and rotated through, so there should be enough going on for everybody to have fun.

Third, the Code of Conduct. @Wulfboi has been kind enough to post them more than a few times in his promotion of the event, but just to be clear, here they are with some additions:
1) No offensive slurs of any kind (i.e. no comments on gender, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, etc.)
2) No bragging/putting down other players. this is a non competitive game. we are all in it to have fun.
3) no jokes about rape, people’s parents, or social standings.
4) No rage-quits at all
5) absolutely No threatening another player in any form
6) No spamming messages, or annoying noises on the party chat
Being adults throughout is the goal for everyone who’ll be on, and nothing less is acceptable/expected.

Fourth, i realize that people might be confused by the term “non-competitive Halo 4 vs. game.” all this means is that we’re going to have a fun game of Halo 4. Does this mean we play any differently? no. play how you usually play. don’t hold back. Just don’t go bragging or shit talking. we are making friends here. we’re not in some sort of fucking MLG tournament.

Okay, i think that’s it. please let me know if you have any questions and please be there as close to 9:00pm EST as you can be. if something comes up, let me know. see you tomorrow night and remember: Don’t Be A Hero.


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